Mallternative Music And Game

We are open from 3:00 PM until 7:00 PM every day except Tuesday and Wednesday.
1167 Marine Drive
Astoria Oregon

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Some highlights of the stuff we have:

We have some very cool custom and brand name guitars and awesome vintage and modern amps, the likes of which you may never see or hear anywhere else. For example, a '50s Supro that sounds out-of-this-world, a Magnatone amp made in the forties (I think) ...
Check them out along with tons of vinyl, stereos, games, thrones, CDs DVDs Bluray, Laserdiscs and players, books, accessories like guitar, bass, mandolin, ukulele and banjo strings, ukuleles, local art work, books, and vinyl records, PS4, Xbox One and other games, radios, old tube equipment, phone and game system chargers, and other crossbows, chainsaws, dulcimers, autoharps, drums, equipment racks, pedals, computers, loopers, effects pedals, stage snakes, recording equipment, house centipedes, model trains, toys, comics, turntables, record players, tuners, receivers, cassettes, eight-tracks, mixers, P.A. systems, guitar and bass amps, microphones, cables, fishing poles, board games, speakers, et cetera; all high-quality, useful and effective, mostly vintage....

We buy, sell, and trade!

If you'd like to sell or trade in something, do call our telephone number, (503)325-0268 before making the trip just to inquire whether we might like to make an offer of cash or trade for your items. Please remember that we can't buy just anything and everything just because you need some dough. We do love to help and uplift all the people in our community, and we love dealing in good, useful tools, media, instruments and equipment.